Video Score Survey

What is your Video Score?

A lot of professionals know that video can help grow their business, but they don’t know how to harness the power. If that’s you, I bet you’re getting stuck on one of these things:
  • Are you worried about compliance?
  • Is the technical part of making professional videos stopping you?
  • Does writing a good script seem daunting?
  • Are you afraid you’ll look dumb on camera?

You are not alone. But if you let those fears stop you, there’s no way you can grow your business and save yourself some time by creating videos.


We created it to help you discover your video marketing strengths and where you can improve to get the results you want from video.

Be honest with yourself and have fun!

Your Info
Rate Yourself
I am confident with my on-camera presence and delivery.
I know how to write a compelling script that engages my audience and moves them to action.
Video gear is no problem for me. I have an office full of gadgets and I love using them.
When it comes to choosing an outfit for my video record session, I know just what to wear.
Creating videos that match the brand I’ve worked to build is easy.
What experience do you have with video marketing?
What were your results?
What are your goals with video marketing?
Your Work Style
Are you willing to devote 6-10 hours per quarter to create videos needed to reach your marketing goals?
What's your current sharing strategy?
How often are you sharing content?
How do you feel about marketing
What percentage of revenue do you think the average advisory business budgets for marketing?
The investment in video marketing with Idea Kit ranges from $4,000-$36,000 a year. If we mutually agree that Idea Kit would be a good fit for you, are you willing to make this investment to achieve your business goals?