WEBINAR: Using Video to Grow Your Financial Planning Practice

Can you imagine trying to climb Mount Everest without preparing? Or making the climb without the right people to help you?

Just as you should plan strategically to complete the expedition, you should do the same in video marketing. With Everest or video marketing, you just can’t be successful without preparation and help.

If you’ve created videos to connect with your clients, but you’re having a hard time figuring out how to distribute the content, you’re in the right place!

If you have other questions like “What videos should I produce?”, “Will clients want to participate?” and “How many videos should I produce?” we’ve got you covered!

Check out this webinar hosted by Duncan MacPherson, CEO of Pareto Systems, and featuring Idea Decanter’s co-founders Sharon Gottula and Laura Garfield. You’ll get the following:

1. The must-have video ideas for 2023
2. Foundational videos for advisors (and why adding a little humor won’t hurt)
3. And the power of client testimonials (let them brag about how great you are)

Want your answers right away?

Here’s your webinar cheat sheet:

Cheat Sheet

Questions Answered 

4:11 – Can video boost SEO? (it’s more than what you think)
6:19 – Must-have videos of 2023? This one includes your clients getting involved!
10:11 – What works best when preparing clients for testimonials? Tips to get the most out of interviews.
24:04 – How do lead funnels work? Four videos for 4 stages in your lead funnel.
35:53 – What are key steps for your initial video release?
38:00 – Is it okay to shoot multiple videos in a day but change outfits?
38:54 – How important are personal videos vs general videos?
40:14 – Are short, personalized videos good for outbound marketing?
42:00 – What are the most relevant topics for pre-retirees, retirees, and business professionals?

watch the webinar

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